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Being featured in a magazine has always been something I’ve put on my list ever since I started pursuing my dreams as an entrepreneur of purpose and significance. It’s not really a goal, but more of a milestone. Like a checkpoint that tells you that you’re on the right track and you should continue on doing who you do.

I’ve been working on The Spark Project for almost half a decade now. Time did fly by fast. I still remember having that small idea of starting up local crowdfunding site back in 2010. With the help of my co-founders for which I will forever be grateful to; Krz Lopez, Pao Agloro, Ian Corpuz, RJ Aquino, Noreen Bautista and Chux Gaza, we made it happen in 2013. Through all the bumps and humps we’ve managed to create the first crowdfunding community in the Philippines that showcases the best of Filipino creativity, innovation, and passion. We’re still at it everyday.

We’ve had more than 20 projects and raised 2 Million from a thousand backers since we went live last February 2013; and I’m proud to say that our funding goal success rate is 60 percent.

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I find it a privilege to host projects that we Filipinos can be proud of. I love all our projects to bits and they will always be part of Spark’s success. Now, I feel like a gatekeeper of awesome projects that matter. Redefining what Made in the Philippines is all about.

Not a lot of people know that I go to The Feast, a Catholic community founded by Bo Sanchez. I’ve been an active Feast goer since January of 2012. This community has been very instrumental in my life and in my journey as an entrepreneur. I remember having this conversation with God at this single’s retreat I attended in September 2012, called the Love Life retreat. I had all these dreams in my heart, and His only request was for me to seek Him, serve Him, and stay in Him. He promised to give me more that I can ever dream of or imagine. One of those dreams was The Spark Project. Here we are two years after. God is a faithful God.

It is true what they say. Take care of God’s business and He’ll take of yours.

I’ve always thought my first feature will be on Entrepreneur Magazine, since it has been every startup’s dream to be discovered and featured on their pages. But He had other plans. A reminder of sorts. A gift.


It had to be in Kerygma Magazine first. After all, it was Him who put all these dreams in my heart and gave me all these talents to share. And it is through Him that all these dreams are coming true. To Him I give back all the praise.


Sharing with you a portion of the prayer we have at The Feast. It has a whole new meaning for me now.

I am God’s beloved. I am God’s servant. I’m God’s powerful Champion. And because I am blessed, I am blessing the world. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Sorry guys, God discovered me first.

And my first blog post will be about Him.


If you want to know more about the Feast, the Love Life retreat, or The Spark Project. Email me at patch [at] thesparkproject.com.

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